Corporate Safety Philosophy

Slick Inspection Ltd. is a member of ASCA (COR Certified), WCB in AB/SK/MB, Subscribing to ISNetworld and HSE Comply Works.

SLICK INSPECTION LTD. believes that all occupational injury, illness and property damage is preventable and through proactive management of risk and at-risk behaviour, injury and loss can be eliminated from our organization.

SLICK INSPECTION LTD. is committed to providing its employees, shareholders, customers and the community with a safe, value-added and productive service.

SLICK INSPECTION LTD. will ensure that all Alberta Workplace Health and Safety regulations are followed, supported and communicated to owners, managers, supervisors and employees.

SLICK INSPECTION LTD. will ensure that all employees are knowledgeable regarding the relevant content of the SLICK INSPECTION LTD. Safety Management System and will communicate that message to all co-workers, sub-contractors and customers.

SLICK INSPECTION LTD. will ensure employees have the necessary support, training, equipment, technology and procedures that will enable them to proactively manage the hazards they face in the workplace.

SLICK INSPECTION LTD. will ensure that people are the highest priority on all work sites.  Production, schedule and cost will never be placed before safety.

Safety is a responsibility shared between owners, management, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, clients and various regulatory agencies, and all employees of SLICK INSPECTION LTD. will be held accountable for occupational health and safety.

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